Marina Promontory @ Marina Reservoir
0800hrs – 1700hrs

Date: 28/05/2016 – 29/05/2016 (Sat – Sun) and 04/06/2016 – 05/06/2016 (Sat – Sun)

KRC Dragon Boat team took part in the DBS Marina Regatta Dragonboat Race 2016 organized by DBS & Singapore Dragon Boat Association. It was a 2-weekends event which took place on the 28th May 2016, 29th May 2016, 4th June 2016 & 5th June 2016 at The Promontory @ Marina Bay (Marina Bay Sands).

The results are as follows:

For Corporate Mixed race category:
200m Race Event – 2nd Position (Silver Medal)
500m Race Event – 2nd Position (Silver Medal)

For the Corporate Women’s race category:
200m Race Event – 3rd Position (Bronze Medal)
500m Race Event – 3rd Position (Bronze Medal)

For Corporate Open’s race category:
200m Race Event – 8th Position
500m Race Event – 6th Position

Despite the tough competition, KRC Dragon Boat team managed to clinch 4 podium finishes out of 6 events participated. It was an achievement to be proud of where the team sent the Keppel Flag to the podium for 4 consecutive days in the competition. The overall performance by the team paid off after spending several months of trainings every Saturday and Sunday since the start of the year to ensure that they were well prepared for the race. It was the hard work, resilience and the Can-Do spirit that drove and pushed the team to greater heights.

The KRC Dragon Boat Team will continue to train diligently and strive for greater results for the upcoming races. On behalf of the team, we would like to thank the KRC Committee for their fullest support to the team.

OICs: Sebastian Lim & Olivia Lim (KFels)
Organiser: DBS
Number of Participants: 35