After months of intensive training and spirited competition involving close to 1,000 Keppelites, the 2016 Keppel Games drew to an adrenaline-filled close with the last three sporting events held during the Grand Finale at Ngee Ann Polytechnic sports complex on 20 November 2016.

Despite tough competition from Caspian and Pacific, defending champions Atlantic emerged victorious once more, clinching the Overall Challenge Trophy by winning a grand total of 29 gold medals as well as the Grand Finale Challenge Trophy.


Keppel Games Grand Finale 2016 – United as OneKeppel








Gaining a head start


In the first event of the day, athletes put their enviable endurance and stamina levels to the test in the Men’s, Women’s and Veteran’s Open categories of the long distance run.

Runners in the Men’s Open category had to navigate a challenging 6.7km route with hilly terrain, while female runners and veterans had to contend with the shorter, but faster-paced 3km route.

Atlantic eventually emerged victorious in both the 3km Women’s Open and Veteran’s Open categories, Team Pacific claimed the gold medal in the 6km Men’s Open, while Team Caspian took home the gold medal in the team event.

Splashing to victory

Old rivalries flared again at the swimming championship during the Grand Finale. Traditional favourites Atlantic maintained their dominance in most of the events, occupying the podium in the Women’s 50m Freestyle, Men’s 50m Veteran Freestyle and Women’s 50m Breaststroke events.

However, dark horse Pacific managed a few upsets, stunning Atlantic with a third-place finish in the Mixed 200m Freestyle Relay and snatching first in the Men’s 50m Breaststroke with a new championship record time of 1m 20.41sec, courtesy of Sherman Tan from Keppel Infrastructure.

Caspian was not to be outdone, coming in second in the Men’s 100m Freestyle and third in the Women’s 50m Breaststroke events.


Sprint finish


Deafening cheers emanated from the stadium as passions ran high throughout the track segment of the Grand Finale. With months of hard training under their belts, Keppelites demonstrated steely grit and determination as they raced to the finish line in a series of track events.

Rounding up the segment was the Men’s 4 X 100m Relay event. The spectators watched the race with bated breath as the swift baton interchanges and constant overtaking made it difficult to anticipate the final outcome.

With Team Pacific 1 trailing behind the others at the 200m mark, Pacific supporters could feel their hearts pulsating when the team’s third runner, Jeffrey Wong from Keppel Logistics, managed to close the gap with lightning speed, enabling their anchor runner, Hoo Sze Yoong from M1, to pull away from the pack in the final leg and wrest victory from both Atlantic and Caspian.

Recounting his experience, Jeffrey shared, “As our team came from behind, my sole focus was on overtaking the opponents once I received the baton. Of course, the loud cheers from the Pacific supporters provided me with that extra burst of energy!”

While this unexpected turn of events had Pacific supporters going wild with exuberance, it was eventually Caspian that accumulated the most number of gold medals in the track segment, coming in first for the Men’s 100m, Men’s 4 X 400m and Veterans’ 4 X 100m events.


Team Atlantic Team Caspian Team Pacific
29 19 17 16 27 24 12 11 17
Challenge Trophies/ Events Won
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