Kallang Netball Centre
0830hrs – 1800hrs

The Corporate Netball Challenge had successfully ended last Saturday, 12 November 2016 at Kallang Netball Centre. This is the biggest netball event and there are many competitive teams from various organizations, educational institutes and corporations who came to support and participated. Last year, there were a total of 48 registered teams. They had been divided into few groups and for the preliminary, the formation is based on a round robin, knock out system. There will be teams who will proceed to the quarter finals, semis, then to the final rounds. This is a 1-day event, and our Team Keppel is participating again. This time, we will be sending 1 team only. Like past years, our participation will be on complimentary basis as Keppel is one of the M1 Corporate partners. M1 is also generous and had given free use of their courts for the trainings. Our Team took their offer and went for a couple of trainings earlier, in preparation for the challenge.

There were 2 competitive categories: Mixed Competitive (15 teams-split 2 groups), and Mixed Social (25 teams-split 4 groups).

In round 1, our team won 3 games (Fairprice, Cityneon, JPMorgan), drew 2 (PWC & SPH), and lost 1 (Deloitte), and proceeded to Top 8 as the 3rd placing in our Group A. In the knock-out round, we had to face Team SIA as they came in 2nd of their Group B. In the past years, SIA had always been a tough match, and we would lose to them by a slight margin. However, our team showed determination and perseverance in the hot afternoon weather to fight for victory. Indeed, our hard work paid off and we managed to advance to Top 4.

In the Semis, we had a face-off with our friends from Team M1, the Top of Group B, who settled for a draw game with SIA in the 1st round. It was anyone’s game as we were equally matched. However, M1 took the lead and managed to maintain their score difference during the last few minutes by playing with “delay tactic” while attacking, and we could not find a chance to change the game play around. Team Keppel faced defeat, but with a smile on our faces as we were very happy for M1, who had trained hard for this competition. Since our team did not commit to training, we were very satisfied with overcoming the odds and emerging as Top 4.

Before the Finals were played, there was a lightning alert and the organiser had to call off the outdoor games. The top 4 teams were told to choose if they wish to determine the final placing with a “shoot-off”, or by splitting the cash prize and having a joint 1st and joint 3rd. Team Keppel and Team PWC (draw game in round 1) agreed to settle on a Joint 3rd and split the 3rd & 4th winner cash prize equally. Although Team M1 wanted to do the same, Team Deloitte wanted a shoot-off. Hence, 4 players from each team were sent forward to shoot from the same pre-determined spot under the net. As expected, Team Deloitte is a formidable opponent (as they are known to recruit the best players with their athlete program), and M1 settled for 1st Runner-up.

This is the first time we see both Team Keppel (4th in 2014) and M1 (4th in 2015) receiving the Top 4 prize in the same year! We hope that the corporate mixed netball scene will sustain and players will be inspired to play netball and keep fit while doing so.

On behalf of all the players, we extend our appreciation to the Club for their support and sponsorship, enabling our Team to participate in this interesting segment again this year.

OICs: Melisa Irwan & Emmeline Khoo (Tuas)
Organiser: M1
Number of Participants: 12